Guardian Series -Tackling British Extremism

Extremism was born on this soil, says writer Avaes Mohammad, and white or Muslim, both sides are being failed by the state.

Born in Blackburn, where the joke was if a Muslim moved in For Sale signs would be whipped up by white neighbours, he grew up trying to step across the divide in communities while avoiding those trying to radicalise him.

“As I grew up I saw organisations trying to capitalise on that feeling of not having an identity,“ says Avaes, who now lives in Finsbury Park.

“That happened around me and to me and they were really intelligent people. It’s wrong to think of extremists as stupid…….read more

The Hurling Rubble plays run one after the other at Park Theatre, Clifton Terrace, Finsbury Park, until June 6 with post-show discussions on May 22, May 27, June 2 and June 5 and an accompanying exhibition featuring work by photographer Robert Goldstein and ten young artists looking at identity, stillness and extremism.